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I'd like to call myself a bit skilled when it comes to social media growth.


I have grown Wellington - LIVE to influence hundreds of thousands of people every week, across several social media platforms.

Facebook is my area of best growth, then Instagram, then Tiktok. 

When new trends come along, I make the most of them.

When the running man trend came about, I saw this as an opportunity and created the Global Running Man Challenge Facebook page. I told myself that I wanted to reach a million people within a week. I reached that goal, and reached over a million people after the first week of running the page. Videos recieved hundreds of thousands of views.

I noticed how the new Pokemon GO game was taking over the majority of the country, so again saw an opportunity, and created the Facebook page Pokemon GO New Zealand, and set up walking events in 21 towns and cities across NZ for players to come together and walk around playing the game. The events were a great success, gaining media coverage with thousands of attendees. This was all done through the power of social media.

At the start of 2018 I decided I'd like to grow another page for the fun of it. It currently has grown organically to over 100,000 followers.

If you would like my help with growing your social media following, just contact me! 

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