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Every week Wellington - LIVE reaches hundreds of thousands of people. 

On Thursday 14th May 2015 major flooding started to hit the wider Wellington region. I saw this opportunity similarly to how you can see a gap in the market. I quickly created a Facebook page called "Wellington Floods 2015 - LIVE" and immediately hundreds of likes started flowing in, hundreds of messages with photos and videos of the flooding in different areas, and within the day the page had gained 16,000 likes, a reach of over 500,000 and several radio reporters asking to interview me. This was an amazingly fast passed experience.


After the flooding ended I decided to change the page name to "Wellington - LIVE" so I could continue posting about things happening in Wellington, and building up a larger audience. Looking back on the analytics has shown I have made tens of millions of impressions with the page. See the page here

After setting up the Instagram @wellingtonlive it gained 1000 followers within the first week. You can see the current number of followers here (above 40,000). New Zealand has a large presence on Instagram, so using this platform further helps to develop the Wellington - LIVE brand. 

I was lucky to get a .live domain: www.wellington.live as soon as it was released. The Wellington - LIVE brand is mainly based on social media I occasionally have some website articles / blog posts. 

I have also built up a community group on Facebook with over 50,000 members. The "Wellington - LIVE Community." Click HERE to view. 


Something cool I was able to create was a collection of all the houses displaying Christmas Lights - This received a huge and positive response, and the map recieved 44,000 views. Such a simple creation, that people absolutely loved. You can see the map below.

In the long term I will continue to grow the Wellington - LIVE brand and develop into a more innovative media company. Contact me if you would like to talk about this or be involved in any way. 

© 2018 By Lilia Alexander

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