Wellington - LIVE is Wellingtons largest social media brand & media company for Wellington residents, first started in May 2015.

The Facebook page provides live updates of important things happening in Wellington, along with photos and videos of the city. With over 200,000 followers, it is the largest and most influential social media channel for Wellington residents.

The Instagram account (66,000 followers) posts the best images of Wellington, creating an engaged community with the hashtag #wellingtonlive which has been used on over 100,000 posts.

WL runs the Wellington - LIVE Community Group (60,000 members), which allows members to post photos/videos/information from around Wellington, and to have other users comment and interact with their posts.

I previously ran several other niche groups such as buy/sell groups with 60,000 members, however I decide to archive those due to the rise of the in platform Facebook Marketplace, making buy/sell Facebook groups increasingly purposeless.

The Wellington - LIVE brand is continuously growing through social media, and through involvement in events happening around the city, being recognised and praised by many as the best go-to for reliable updates in Wellington.


As a media company, WL offers advertising to local businesses, events, and more. We also work with local councils, RTO's around NZ, and airlines to create engaging social media content through content creation by Lilia Alexander. See videos tab for some examples. 

Contact info@wellington.live for the latest rates list, or travel media kit. 

The website www.wellington.live provides occasional articles on things happening around Wellington, however the website has never been the focus of WL.