I'm a 24 year old born & living in Wellington, New Zealand.


I am potentially a 'serial entrepreneur' (in true kiwi humility, not at all to the scale of many others) due to having started many small businesses over the years.

My largest one is a media company called Wellington - LIVE which I sold to new in  late 2021.


I am also a photographer, travel content creator, and jump in front of the camera myself for travel promotions sometimes too. As social media native who continuously grows large and engaged channels organically, I could be called one of the best in NZ for consumer facing social media channel growth.

I have recently joined the team at Jetstar NZ for content creation on Tiktok. 


I am currently full time Director Of Community for Territory 3 - Kiwi Landing Pad Reimagined, working alongside John Holt.

The core purpose of T3 is to support kiwi founders growth aspirations.

As a non profit, we are funded by BNZ, NZTE, AWS, Evander, K1W1, and Jasmine Investments.

My role involves managing the community of startup founders through events, webinars, monthly newsletters, office hours, and getting to know the community and wider ecosystem to be able to make valuable connections to the right people. 

The best way to reach me is via email, or via LinkedIn.