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UGC (User Generated Content)
Short form UGC Videos

Consumers these days don't like ad's - but they do like more natural 'human' content that feels like they are being given value from what they are watching, rather than an old school ad. This has lead to the rise in User Generated Content. How it works is you contract me to create a collection of edited videos / photos which you will use for your brand channels.

With social media being the leading channel for brand reputation and sales conversion, it's important to have a good flow of relatable content for your channels to showcase your product / brand. This style of content is best for paid ads, where you target your customers and show this, more relatable and engaging content, compared to old school stale content. 

Base pricing model:

1x Video $500 + GST

3x videos $1400 + GST

Other - price after chatting

NOTE: Base pricing is for basic video capture. If content capture requires more time, locations, or other requests, extra fee may be added. We can discuss to figure that out based on your desired video output. 

(I may be able to take products to different spots around NZ as I travel around)

Get in touch so we can chat about what you're looking to achieve and how I can help.

Below are some examples of video content  - best viewed on Desktop (sorry the formatting sucks on mobile - tiktok won't let the embed dimensions change!)

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